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Do not use DFW Painting. In case you are not sure who I am talking about here is their address .....if you use them you will be sorry.

When Jason Rock from DFW Painting came out to give our estimate we made it clear that we wanted Sherwin-Williams paint and even had the Sherwin-Williams paint color codes printed out on paper for his notes. Jason agreed that it was a good product and that we had made a good choice. Now that the job is finished and the workers have left their leftover paint for us we have found that they did NOT use Sherwin-Willliams paint but instead used some off-brand called Delux Paint. After comparing with swatches from Sherwin-Williams, it is obvious that the paint used does not exactly match the colors that we requested from Sherwin-Williams. What this means is that if we want to do some additional touch up we cannot just run down to Sherwin-Williams and pickup another can of paint because it will not match what we have!!! Worse, we don’t even know where we could go to buy that brand. Due to our discussion with Jason regarding the choice of Sherwin-Willaims paint we did not assume that we would need to verify that the workers were using the paint brand that we had asked for since we felt it was made very clear in our original discussions with Jason.

Jason recommended a faux paint in the kitchen since it had a different texture than the living room and also recommended painting the back door as it was fairly beat up. We agreed with him and assumed this was part of his estimate. There is no column on the estimate regarding faux painting so we had no idea it was not included in the estimate although we do now realize that the back door is not mentioned on the estimate. The workers were not informed about the faux paint nor the back door so neither was done. I left a message with Jason but he has not called me back.

Jason asked if we wanted ALL the closets painted and we said yes. He said it was covered in his estimate and would be done. Again the workers had never been notified that they were supposed to paint any closet other than the master closet. We left Jason a voicemail and sent an email after which he seemed to get in touch with his workers and told them to paint all the closets. Jason never called us back

Jason stated that your company always removed all switch-plates, window treatments, etc. before painting. We found this is not true. The workers did remove the covers for plugs and light switches, but they merely taped around ceiling lights covers, fan bases, cable outlets, and phone jacks. We did bring this to Jason’s attention via email and voicemail (to which we never received a response). Additionally they did not remove the HVAC intake and register covers, nor tape around them. Instead they just painted them. While this is not Earth shattering, we would like to point out that they did not remove the air filters before they did it so now we have to replace all of them since they are now covered in paint. Futhermore, the inside frames of our wood blinds are covered in paint now as they did not tape those when they painted the wall between the frame and the window.

We requested that the floor in the garage be painted with an Epoxy garage floor paint. Jason informed us that you use Rustoleum for this application to which we agreed. We were informed that Epoxy was used to cover the garage floor but once it was completed we noticed that the workers had not applied a clear coat and as a result the flakes that had been sprinkled over the floor were easily brushed off by hand. I personally spoke with Jason on the phone to make sure they planned on using the clear coat Epoxy specifically designed by Rustoleum to which he replied "of course". The next day we spoke with the workers and they had no idea that they were suppose to apply a clear coat but agreed they would do so. The next day we found them applying a CONCRETE SEALER and NOT the Epoxy clear coat requested. This is NOT what we wanted. Unfortunately, now that a concrete sealer is applied we cannot use the clear coat as it would not properly adhere, nor do we feel the sealer will not peel as it is not designed for garage use where cars are parked. In addition to this the color flakes appear to still be coming off.

In our media room, the workers did not cover the various cables coming out of the walls so now they are all painted. Again, I left Jason a message asking him to see if the workers could clean the paint off of the cables. We assume they never got the message as the cables are still brown.

So here is the kicker...after I sent the above complaint to their company headquarters I finally got a lovely voicemail from Jason where he ripped into us!

+ Jason said he was there 2 times a day every day of job in response to my stating that he was missing in action during the project. My comment was aimed at the fact that he did not return my phone calls and did not respond to each of my concerns in each email. He also pointed out that he only saw us once to which I can only reply (1) the workers saw us every day (2) its not our job to be there (3) every time we asked the workers if Jason mentioned something regarding an email concern we sent to him, they said "no".

+ Jason claimed that email on Thursday was the "first request" for the faux painting in the kitchen. This is blatantly not true. It was HIS IDEA during the estimate much like it was his idea that we paint the back door!!! We discussed that I wanted the faux painting to be very subtle. After he had measured I brought it up a second time to remind him that the faux would be very subtle. It is his job to verify that the customer's request is captured appropriately or verify whether an agreement of this nature is I was under the belief that it was very clear that we had agreed on that day.

+ Regarding my comment that all light covers and fan bases were not removed: Jason's voicemail mentioned that the bases in the living and dining areas "held up" the lights themselves and that the crew are not electricians. That is fine but our complaint is referring to the bases of every other fan and simple light base in the house. In fact, we saw that these things were taped the first day and went through and removed the tape and then removed the items from the ceiling so that the job could be done right.

+ Regarding my comment that all outlet covers were not removed. This is absolutely true. We verified that EVERY SINGLE cover for CABLE and TELEPHONE were not removed. ONLY the electrical outlet covers were removed. We both commented on how this seemed strange. Let me also point out, bearing in mind that attention to detail is claimed to be their company goal, the covers that were removed were not replaced in the same place they were originally...covers that were white were mix-matched with outlets that were the yellow color. Also, covers that had the GFCI warning were placed on non-GFCI outlets.

+ Regarding the use of the Rustoleum product. Jason's voicemail claims that they matched it with a better product which we have no problem with, the only item we have issue with is (1) it was Jason that said the company used the Rustoleum product, so if that is not true then why is that what he said they used rather than naming the better product. (2) concrete sealer and clear coat are not the same. The workers never put on a clear coat. And by the way now portions are pealing up!!!!

+ Jason claimed that "Delux Paint" from ICI is a better paint then "Sherwin-Williams" and therefore we got more than we paid for. Please note (1) we asked for Sherwin-Williams, PERIOD. We were never told that a substitute would be used. Had Jason discussed it with us we might have been fine with it, but he did not. (2) from what I can tell on ICI website the "Delux Paint" is a builders grade paint, which is fine, but again we were not notified. (3) Jason actually claimed that "if anything Sherwin-Williams is the off-brand" in comparison. While we find this comment absurd, it does not detract from the fact that we asked for Sherwin-Williams. If I take my car in to get new Michelin tires I do not expect to come back and pick up my car to find that it has BF Goodrich on it, at least not without some warning!!!

+ Jason stated he sent several emails from his phone. While this may be true, I did not receive them nor did he follow-up with a quick phone call (or if he did then he did not leave a message). I carry my cell phone with me 100% of the time. Every email I sent Jason was followed by a phone call to verify he received it. Unfortunately, I always had to leave a voicemail.

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Atleast he didnt take your money and run. He is the reason contractors get a bad name!

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